proxmox option boot

The above example linux ext4 maxroot=10 swapsize=20 sets the partition format to ext4 (ext3 is the default), creates a root partition of 10GB providing the disk is large enough and swapsize of 20GB.
The options available at the boot menu are:
  • linux ext4 – sets the partition format to ext4. The default is ext3.
  • hdsize=nGB – this sets the total amount of hard disk to use for the Proxmox installation. This should be smaller than your disk size.
  • maxroot=nGB – sets the maximum size to use for the root partition. This is the max size so if the disk is too small, the partition may be smaller than this.
  • swapsize=nGB – sets the swap partition size in gigabytes.
  • maxvz-nGB – sets the maximum size in gigabytes that the data partition will be. Again, this is similar to maxroot and the final partition size may be smaller.
  • minfree=nGB – sets the amount of free space to remain on the disk after the Proxmox instillation.

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